KLM Financial’s Featured Volunteer of the Month

KLM Financial’s Featured Volunteer of the Month

Nancy Mansfield, CPA, CMA


 Since KLM opened its doors in 2012, Nancy has been a part of tAccountant staffing, Bookkeeping, Temporary accounting, payroll, part time bookkeeperhe accountant staffing team.  She volunteers at Bide Awhile Animal Shelter Society, a non-profit organization.  They provide shelter and medical attention to stray and abandoned animals until they can be placed in loving homes.  She has been with this organization for over 14 years and has taken on multiple roles, most recently, President and Chair of the Board and member of the Executive Committee.  Nancy’s experience as a controller at KLM and knowledge in financial reporting and bookkeeping allows her to provide expert advice to this great organization.

As one of Nova Scotia’s first no-kill shelters, Bide Awhile provides a number of outreach programs, fully funded by donors and members of the society, with no government assistance.  Some of the programs offered include:

  • Pet Visitation –  Seniors in residential facilities often have to surrender their pets when they enter the facility. This program helps them maintain the sense of well-being that comes from spending time with a companion animal.
  • Pet Food Pantry  – This is for individuals and other rescue groups that may need assistance with feeding their pets.
  • Low-Cost Spay/Neuter – The organization subsidizes the cost of surgery for qualified candidates, working to reduce the overpopulation of cats in HRM.
  • Reading Circle  – Bide Awhile helps elementary-aged school children improve their reading skills and increase their confidence speaking aloud among peers, teachers, and adults.


When asked why she is interested in this cause, Nancy said,  ” I believe it is important to advocate for the innocent and those who cannot speak for themselves.  I believe that owning and/or caring for companion animals can make us better human beings and teach us a lot about compassion, empathy, responsibility, and commitment,  not just towards our furry friends, but towards each other as parents, siblings, children, and co-workers”.


Individuals volunteer for different reasons, most of which are to help those in need.  KLM’s accountant staffing team member, Nancy Mansfield,  is a true example of taking what you’ve learned and sharing it with those who need it.


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