KLM Financial’s Featured Volunteer of the Month

KLM Financial’s Featured Volunteer of the Month


Tracey Mcmullen, Bookkeeper, Payroll Specialist


Accountant Staffing, Bookkeeping, Part time Bookkeeper, Payroll, Temporary Accounting

Tracey Mcmullen, KLM’s accountant staffing bookkeeper/payroll specialist, has been an integral part of our team since 2013.  She has been representing parents for over four years at her daughter’s school, Uniacke District School, as Secretary of the Home & School Association. The Home & School Association organizes events to help raise funds for the students.

Everyone volunteers for different reasons. When asked, why do you volunteer?  Tracy says, “I started volunteering because of my daughter.  I became a girl guide leader because she was a Spark. I thought it would be something we could do together and they needed more leaders. Then I got involved with the Home & School as I thought it was an important cause.  I enjoy volunteering as it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I can see progress being made and knowing that I am helping and being a part of it, makes me feel good”.

As Secretary, Tracey is responsible for recording what is discussed at all board meetings and distributing it to the members.  As a bookkeeper/ payroll specialist, she also provides insights and advice to the board.  Over the last few years, the Home & School Association has raised funds to have a significant impact on the students and the school.  Some examples include:

  • Purchased playground equipment. This has allowed more kids to have access to school play equipment.


  • Constructed a new soccer field. This did not exist in the Primary to Grade 3 playground.  Now, these kids can learn the beautiful game.


  • Purchased cafeteria tables. As the student population grew, these new tables allowed more kids to sit comfortably at lunchtime.


  • Organized fun activities. It provides the kids an outlet to take a break from learning and just have fun.  The most popular activities have been the school dances and the classroom pizza parties. 


When asked what motivates her to do this, Tracey said, “I think it is important to invest in our children and try to help them have the best childhood and school years that they can.  This is why I volunteer, to try and give them the “extras” they deserve.  Seeing the kids faces when we are having one of our dances for them, seeing how much fun they are having and knowing that we are making a difference, makes it all worthwhile”.


Tracey is an important part of KLM Financial’s accountant staffing team.  Her volunteer activities impact lots of families since Uniacke District School is the only school in her community.  Please join us in congratulating her for the amazing role she plays both as an employee, mother and community leader.


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