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Your perfect team is a phone call away. If your team is facing a deficiency in critical skills, or maybe you need some help on a short-term basis, our finance and accounting professionals are the perfect choice.

Outsourcing Services

The cost of assembling a world-class, in-house, financial management team is beyond the reach of most organizations. KLM Financial gives you that proven capability without the long-term commitments and cost. We can provide the finance team that’s right for you.

Advisory Services

KLM Financial was created by business professionals with a proven ability to succeed even in the toughest environment. We have customized finance solutions to help your organization grow and succeed.

Recruiting Services

Do you have a vacancy on your team? Need a full-time finance and accounting employee or contractor?

We know our industry best, and can help you find the right talent.

Whether you need the senior support of a CFO or you’re just looking for someone to take care of the bookkeeping on a part-time basis, we can help.



Money may not be your business but it will define it. You can have a great product or service, but unless your company is financially successful, it is doomed. Financial success is your organization’s success.


Looking to sell your business? Interested in buying a business? We can help ensure that you maximize your return on investment and minimize your risk.


Our team of financial experts can set you up for success, ensure your operations are streamlined and help you have access to the cash you need.


We’ll develop a plan that addresses challenges and opportunities, and builds on your business’s core strengths.

Are you an employer looking for an accounting or finance professional? Or are you looking for your next job or contract? We can find the right fit for you.


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KLM Financial experts in bookkeeping, accounting staffing, hiring & recruiting in Halifax, NS, also does best, accurate work by efficient, professional bookkeepers & accountants

Whether you’re a CFO or the owner of a small business, you know that accounting and bookkeeping can translate into a time-consuming task that distracts you from the work that you would rather be doing. With that in mind, KLM Financial — an elite team of financial accounting specialists based in Halifax, Nova Scotia — has dedicated itself to mastering the finer points of corporate finance so that you don’t have to.

Introduction to financial accounting is made easy when KLM Financial Inc. in Halifax, NS manages the details with its professional team of accountants and finance experts who work with clients.

Founded in 2012, KLM Financial has earned a sterling reputation in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area for helping corporate clients meet their needs. Whether through financial accounting and bookkeeping services or accounting outsourcing, KLM Financial knows that a company grows successful by managing its finances wisely.

Accounting outsourcing in Halifax, NS is easy when the finance professionals at KLM Financial Inc. manage the details and secure the top professionals for each accounting procedure need.

With its dynamic and experienced team of financial management professionals, KLM Financial offers a wide array of accounting and bookkeeping services. If you’re buying or selling a business, KLM Financial will ensure that you capitalize on your return while minimizing risk. Companies assisted by KLM have sold majority stakes ranging anywhere from $200,000 to $40 million in revenue.

Accounting outsourcing in Halifax, NS, even basic financial accounting, is easy to find through the professional team at KLM Financial Inc., the province’s best accounting firm for all needs.

If you’re looking to streamline operations or maximize corporate efficiency, KLM’s team of financial accounting experts will formulate a customized plan based on the needs of your organization so that you can cut out waste and unnecessary expenditures while converting your company into a lean, mean economic machine. With KLM’s assistance, one professional services company was able to increase employee utilization from 50 to 80 per cent.

Finance outsourcing is possible for your accounting and bookkeeping needs in Halifax, NS through the financial accounting experts at KLM Financial Inc, the province’s top accounting firm.

If you’re restructuring your business, KLM’s staff has the knowledge and experience to build on the strengths of your company and to explore new pathways for future growth. No matter the circumstances, KLM Financial can devise an accounting strategy that is tailor made to suit you.

KLM Financial wants to be part of your success. With plenty of options for financial accounting outsourcing, KLM is as versatile as it is flexible. Its seasoned accounting staff members excel at providing senior level financial advice, managing payroll, and balancing books. No job is too big or too small for the experts at KLM. From sole proprietorships to international conglomerates, KLM takes pride in the accounting services it provides for companies in Nova Scotia and around the globe.

Financial accountant specialists at KLM Financial Inc. in Halifax, NS all have a major in finance and are professionals who also provide accounts payable outsourcing for clients’ needs.

What are the benefits of financial accounting outsourcing? By outsourcing through KLM Financial, you’re ensuring that your corporate finances are in good hands so that you can focus on attracting customers and building your business. KLM Financial adjusts its schedule to meet your needs. Whether you need the temporary assistance of a payroll specialist or you require the extended consultation of an experienced CFO, KLM Financial has the ability to integrate itself seamlessly into any business under any circumstances. KLM also understands that businesses change and, with that in mind, KLM allows for flexible contracts to ensure that your company gets the most out of its financial accounting and bookkeeping services.

Business accounting and finance professionals in Halifax, NS are hired at KLM Financial Inc., where they specialize in all financial accounting procedures, including business and basic.

KLM Financial goes out of its way to help your company take flight. KLM’s methods get results. Through careful forecasting and budget preparation, KLM Financial’s accounting services have helped one of its clients translate a $400,000 loss into $400,000 in reliable annual returns. KLM also understands that success is a state of mind. In addition to its financial accounting and accounting outsourcing services, KLM provides on-the-job financial training to help your staff members build upon their financial, bookkeeping, and managerial skills.

With five years of success under its belt and many more to come, KLM Financial is breaking new ground in the fields of financial accounting, bookkeeping, and accounting outsourcing. Combining the experience and expertise to help corporations thrive with the kindness and compassion Halifax, Nova Scotia is known for, KLM Financial is dedicated to your success.

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